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Vehicle Maintenance

Order Genuine Honda Parts Online in Capitol Heights, MD

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as getting to a dealership, hearing that there is some dire maintenance you require on your vehicle, but then also being informed that the part you need isn’t in stock and it might take some time until it arrives....Read More

Honda Service Coupons near Washington, DC

It’s never fun when you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a ton of mechanical issues. You know you need your ride fixed now, but the cost of service is so daunting that you’ve been putting it off for a long while....Read More

Honda Service Coupons in Capitol Heights, MD

Affordability is one of our main goals here at Pohanka Honda, which is why we put so much effort into offering rotating service coupons on our website for you to browse before you stop in for your maintenance...Read More


Honda Service Coupons near College Park, MD

If you’re in need of quality maintenance for a reasonable price, you have come to the right place. We value affordability here at Pohanka Honda, which is why we offer service coupons...Read More

Honda Car Battery Replacement and Service in Capitol Heights, MD

You wish you could rely on someone to do your routine maintenance and bigger repairs, but everywhere you’ve tried has had some kind of problem: high prices, lackadaisical work, you...Read More

Auto Repair Service Open Sundays in Capitol Heights, MD

Warning lights don’t conveniently blink on only during Monday through Saturday, and that’s why our repair center at Pohanka Honda of Capitol Heights isn’t open just Monday through Saturday...Read More


Engine Light Check at Pohanka Honda in Capitol Heights, MD

When your dashboard is illuminated by that ominous alert that could mean any number of things, you can find peace of mind when you bring your vehicle into Pohanka Honda in Capitol Heights...Read More

Honda Oil Change Coupons in Capitol Heights, MD

Here at Pohanka Honda, we try to make maintaining your vehicle as simple and affordable as can be, which is why we offer Honda oil change coupons to ensure your vehicle is running in tip-top shape at an affordable rate. ..Read More

Benefits of Buying Tires at Pohanka Honda

There are plenty of benefits to buying tires at Pohanka Honda, beginning with our exemplary attention to customer service. We’re happy to assess your tires, give you advice on how to maintain them, and sell you a new set for a competitive price when the time comes! ...Read More


Good-Better-Best Tire Options at Pohanka Honda

We always want to get the best for our vehicles, but sometimes the budget just doesn’t make that possible. Pohanka Honda offers good-better-best tire options that will get you the most bang for your buck...Read More

Do You Need New Tires? Let Us Help!

When it comes to pricing, we pride ourselves at Pohanka Honda on being upfront and competitive, both on our sales floor and in our Service Department...Read More

Buy 3 Get 1 for a Dollar Tire Deal

Needing new tires is one of the more aggravating aspects of owning a vehicle. They’re usually pretty pricey, at least for a nice set, and there are plenty of “good” deals out there that are misleading...Read More


Honda Oil Change Coupons near Washington, DC

For service you can count on, stop in to Pohanka Honda. We deliver the best in vehicle maintenance, from routine work, to essential services. ..Read More

Honda Oil Change Special $29.95

If you're looking for a Honda oil change in Maryland, look no further than Pohanka Honda of Capitol Heights. With our extended service hours and no appointment necessary scheduling, we work on all makes and models and our skilled technicians can get you in and out in no time...Read More

Honda Batteries only $89.95 at Pohanka Honda Capitol Heights Maryland

Getting ready for winter can be difficult because you have so much on your plate. There’s holiday shopping to be done, decorations to hang up, and family to visit...Read More


Honda Batteries $89.95 at Pohanka Honda

As winter starts to settle in, you’ll want to take every measure you can to ensure that your vehicle is operating smoothly and efficiently. This includes checking your battery, so that when the first snowfall hits, you won’t be stuck attempting and failing to start your engine...Read More

Honda Auto Repair Service in Capitol Heights, MD

When something goes wrong under the hood, there’s only one place to go—Pohanka Honda. We are equipped to handle all of your Honda auto repairs, no matter what kind of work needs to be done. ..Read More

Honda Auto Repair Service near Washington, DC

If you’ve noticed a noise that wasn’t there before, or are aware that your vehicle’s performance is decreasing, it might be time to bring your Honda in for an auto repair service near Washington, DC. Pohanka Honda is your one-stop shop for whatever maintenance you need completed. ..Read More


Dare-to-Compare Tire Prices at Pohanka Honda

When it comes to pricing, we pride ourselves at Pohanka Honda on being upfront and competitive, both on our sales floor and in our Service Department. ..Read More